Friday, March 13, 2009

Flemming Efterskole

There is something special about being able to capture the attention of people by what you are saying. There is also a fulfilling feeling that warms you to the core when you are able to talk to people about what your knowledgeable about. As was mentioned before in ''Nothingness'', I went to speak to Flemming Efterskole, a boarding school about 20-30 minutes north of Vejle, to speak.

The school is home to roughly 100 give or take, mostly give, students in both ninth and tenth grade. I had the honor of speaking to all the students over a span of two days. The students are divided into two grades, then four classes within those two grades. Though it's nice to speak about myself and being a student in America, I have to say that repeating myself for an hour eight times within two days gets a little old. On the upside, I've discovered that speaking is a lot like swimming - you don't realize your incredible hungry and/or thirsty until you stop.

I'd have to say that in general, through the two high school years I've experienced, I've always hated public speaking. Not many people enjoy standing in front of their classmates presenting a project or just talking in general. One thing that has definitely changed is my tolerance for public speaking. I can honestly say that I no longer mind standing in front of people I either know or don't know to speak. There are a lot of things that you can't be as an exchange student - being shy is one of them. Being an exchange student means leaving your inhibitions behind and opting for your people-person shirt.

As a thank you for my time and effort in speaking about my life, school, and general life in America, Flemming Efterskole presented me with three free tickets to Lego Land. I can't wait for Lego Land to re-open for the 2009 season so I can use those tickets!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Wow, talk about a long stretch of nothingness from me to you. It could be a sign that, 1) I'm no longer around, 2) I've given up on my blog altogether, or 3) nothing exciting worth telling has happened. Well, seeing as if I was offed y'all would know, so one is out of the questions; the chances of me giving up on my blog without y'alls notification is extremely unlikely, so two is gone; and ding, ding, ding, we have a winner - nothing exciting worth telling since the 20. of February has happened!!! Such excitement, I know, please everyone contain your enthusiasm - it's too much for me and the world to endure.

School has reconvened and I'm so bored I'm losing brain cells. On a lighter note, I'm now a modul 3 language student having passed my modul 2 test about a week ago. On a darker note, modul 3 test is extremely hard. Lucky for you, new and improved posts will be made in the coming month. My official scheduale is the following:

  • week 11 (9th-10th) -> Two days worth of speaking to Flemming Efterskole

  • week 12 (14th-22nd) -> Rebbecca (cousin) will be visiting

  • week 13 (23rd-27th) -> A week visit/attendence to the 10th grade at Juelsminde Skole

  • week 14 (30th-3rd) -> 5 days in Prague with Juelsminde Skole

  • week 15 (6th-15th) -> 9 days in England, visiting family

  • It is actually a pretty full scheduale that I have and I'm excited for it. I get three weeks holiday from my school, Rødkilde Gymnasium, which I'm super happy about. We all know that saying, same shit different day. It's pretty bad when that can apply to my school day when I don't even have the same classes everyday. No worries though, all's well that ends well here in Scandinavia.

    A/N: I'm doing perfectly okay to any of you
    who might have taken this post as being pessimistic or just over all
    sarcastically downing. In fact, I'm more than okay - living it up well here in
    DK with absolute wonder on how in Lord's name I'm going to make it back